Please come

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“Tilalike iwo amve za Iye” is a phrase from one of our self-composed songs titled Adzaitana bwanji. This phrase, taken from Romans 10:14, means that we should preach that the world might hear about Him (Jesus Christ). This is the passion in our ministry more especially in the villages, through the spoken word, but also through the sung word. Continue reading

All systems go


The start of a new year is always a good time to look back and look forward. As Echoes of Grace look back, 2016 was a year of preparation, in terms of musical training, spiritual growth, building bonds of friendship within the group, developing partnerships to help us build up the basic equipment we need – all in preparation for 2017 – the year we launch out to the villages with the Gospel. Continue reading

A Surprise To Echoes Of Grace!

IMG_4655 (1024x535)You may  be wondering about what we are doing as we are waiting. Did you say Rehearsals? Or praying? Well, that is part of it. So what is this surprise being talked about? It was today, at around 14:00 hrs  when our Music Directors, Ruth MacBean and Praise Nkalapa  (and other leaders of the group) drove to this compacted and business township in Blantyre, Limbe for a special mission. Continue reading

Zomba Music Seminar – 6th Feb 2016

ss10 (2)Interested in learning how to read music?

Interested in trying your hand at guitar or keyboard?

Why not come and join Echoes of Grace at the next of our monthly Music Seminars?

Saturday 6th February 2016

Zomba Boma

9am to 4pm

K1,000 per person for a day of music, song and fun.

Register beforehand by contacting us here.

A year well spent

IMG_4279 (2) (1024x443)You may be wondering as to what we have been doing in this year as it is coming to an end. Well, it has been lots of fun and tangible lessons. Echoes of Grace has progressed well and we are happy with the progress we have made so far. We are actually humbled by a number of activities and developments that have happened so far. We would like to point out how thrilling it was for us to receive visitors all the way from the UK and Scotland respectively. Continue reading