farewell headerIt also sounds these are the moments that we had before their journey to the west, anyway the weather was just calm on this day, a dinner had been prepared at Ryalls Hotel. This was the night that was set to chat and celebrate the time which McBeans, Zambezi Mission missionaries were with us here in Malawi. They were not alone on the arena: Echoes of Grace, Zambezi Mission officials and others who ministered together with them and to those they ministered to were on board, in fact they ministered to everyone that was within their range. Continue reading

Please come

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“Tilalike iwo amve za Iye” is a phrase from one of our self-composed songs titled Adzaitana bwanji. This phrase, taken from Romans 10:14, means that we should preach that the world might hear about Him (Jesus Christ). This is the passion in our ministry more especially in the villages, through the spoken word, but also through the sung word. Continue reading

All systems go


The start of a new year is always a good time to look back and look forward. As Echoes of Grace look back, 2016 was a year of preparation, in terms of musical training, spiritual growth, building bonds of friendship within the group, developing partnerships to help us build up the basic equipment we need – all in preparation for 2017 – the year we launch out to the villages with the Gospel. Continue reading

Worship Seminar

hairiOn 7 August our sister Mhairi together with Echoes of Grace facilitated a music seminar at Bible Faith Ministries in Blantyre. The event attracted worship leaders from across the city and the environment was so promising. The floor was opened and  Echoes of Grace started with  Malawian praise songs, then Stephen (our publicity secretary) explained  who we are, introduced Mhairi, and then passed the floor to her. Continue reading

Echoes In The City

Concert 1We were at Blantyre Community Church, a venue for our concert earlier before the main thing. Yes, the day had finally arrived! The place is so central as it is located right in the middle of the city of Blantyre, Malawi. We witnessed such a good weather on the day, though as the clock was ticking closer to the prescribed starting time of 1:30pm some of us were a bit worried that many could not come due to heavy rains that started pouring. Continue reading