About Us

IMG_3611 (2)Who we are

We are a group of young Christian musicians who have got together with the desire to use music to take God’s Word out into the villages of Malawi.

We are intentionally interdenominational, drawing members from and working through churches who share our Statement of Belief.

We are an entirely voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. Any money raised by us or donated to us will be spent solely on growing the ministry.

How we got started

The idea of the choir started when a few of us discovered we had a common passion to reach out into the villages of Malawi using music as a method of winning souls for Christ. However we realised we needed more musical training if we were to achieve our vision.

Early in 2015 the group approached Ruth MacBean, a missionary with Zambezi Mission with a focus on music ministry. Since then she has been helping us with our  instrumental skills, song composition and choir training.

The group has grown as news spread to others who shared the same passion. We have now formed a leadership team and chosen the name Echoes of Grace. We think it captures well our vision of new musical as the medium and Christ’s Gospel as the message.

What we do

At the moment we meet together regularly to study God’s Word, to sing praise to God, to improve our musicianship skills, and to compose our own new bible-centred songs that proclaim God’s eternal truth.

When the time is right we will start witnessing through concerts in the Blantyre area to build experience and support, before stepping out to witness in rural Malawi.