A Surprise To Echoes Of Grace!

IMG_4655 (1024x535)You may  be wondering about what we are doing as we are waiting. Did you say Rehearsals? Or praying? Well, that is part of it. So what is this surprise being talked about? It was today, at around 14:00 hrs  when our Music Directors, Ruth MacBean and Praise Nkalapa  (and other leaders of the group) drove to this compacted and business township in Blantyre, Limbe for a special mission.

This post could not have been made had it not been for your support, your financial support. Today we just have received a surprise ever, coming from the fruit of the generous donations from our partners. We have been able to buy a bass guitar and four microphones for Echoes! We are so excited about it bearing in mind the fact the group has been using Ruth’s personal musical instruments all the while. She has been kind enough, and yet we know that your help has lifted our weary arms.

The financial support is so timely especially when we are preparing to launch out in the villages of Malawi with the gospel message through music. We will surely forward all of our donors the financial breakdown of how the the funds are being used in growing the ministry of the group.

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